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The new millennium provides an opportunity to rethink the theoretical and practical foundations of public health and health policy. The ethical dimension of these foundations is central. There is also a rapidly growing understanding of the links between our values, lifestyles, the way we relate to each other and the environment, and the effect these all have on the health of individuals and communities.

The International Programme for Ethics, Public Health and Human Rights (IPEPH) serves as a focus for exploration of ethical and human rights aspects of public health theory and practice. IPEPH acts as an interdisciplinary forum within the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and combines research, teaching and practical work around ethical dimensions of public health. IPEPH tackles local, national and international health concerns, as well as humanitarian work such as investigations of violations of health and human rights.

The International Programme for Ethics, Public Health and Human Rights (IPEPH) is committed to inter-disciplinary working and developing links with partner organisations both nationally and internationally. Affiliations are already established in the United Kingdom with the University of Wales Department of Healthcare Philosophy, Kings College London Centre for Law and Medical Ethics, Oxford Institute for Ethics and Communication in Healthcare, Medical Research Council, National Health Service, and the Department for International Development.

Internationally IPEPH has associations with the Council for International Organisations of Medical Sciences, the Centre for Health and Human Rights at Harvard School of Public Health, University of Nijmegen Department of Philosophy and History of Medicine in the Netherlands, the World Health Organisation, as well as non-governmental organisations and the voluntary sector.

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